Paintings by artists who studied
with Henry Hensche

Ebersberger-MornStillMorning Still Life by John Ebersberger  16 x 20

Ebersberger-NorthLightStillNorth Light Still Life by John Ebersberger  15 x 24

Ebersberger-StreetlightAzalea Row by John Ebersberger   12 x 16

Ebersberger-TwilightTwilight by John Ebersberger   11 x 14

Longley-AfternoonLightAfternoon Light by Rob Longley   14 x 20

Longley-CloudyDayCloudy Day by Rob Longley   12 x 24   SOLD

Longley-PearlStHazy Day on Pearl Street by Rob Longley  14 x 18

Griffel-DunesDunes by Lois Griffel   9 x 12   SOLD

Przwodek-CAHarborHarbor by Camille Przwodek   7.5 x 9.5

Gannon-CASeascapeSeascape by Frank Gannon   9 x 12


Blue Study by Frank Gannon 10 x 12

Thies-CapeSceneCape Scene by Tim Thies   16 x 20

Hensche-StudyStudy by Henry Hensche    20 x 24  SOLD

For prices call 641-919-8910

Other artists works



  1. some nice paintings!

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