Posted by: jeannettekoczela | September 11, 2009

Impressionist Oil Painter


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At a young age, Jeannette Koczela began her art studies at the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts and continued through a BFA from Ohio State University.  After many years of searching for a mentor, she discovered Henry Hensche, who taught the color theory of Impressionism. She studied with him at the Cape School of Art in Provincetown, Mass. every summer for many years, and later with several of his students. Seeking to capture light and atmosphere as the Impressionists such as Monet did, Jeannette has developed her own expanded color awareness, which is featured in her beautiful, light-filled paintings. Her paintings are in many private collections throughout the country and she has exhibited extensively in group and one-woman shows. Preferring to paint outdoors so as to record outdoor light effects, Jeannette also teaches Impressionist Color Workshops.

For commercial work, she has done 100’s of commissioned house portraits, and architectural renderings for the past 20 years.  More recently she has developed graphic and web design skills, which afford more design opportunities and does free-lance design.

“After painting most of my life, I discovered master Impressionist Henry Hensche. He comes from a line of masters going all the way to Monet, including Charles Hawthorne and William Merritt Chase. I studied with Hensche every summer in Provincetown, Mass., for 6 years, and another 6 years with his students.

“The main idea behind Impressionism was that the light and atmosphere affected the color of the objects. This formed an accurate record of a moment of outdoor light.

“My paintings are filled with the brilliant colors that I see in nature. I use many layers of color to build the painting, and make it look like it is in outdoor light.  The result is that the viewer also sees the variations of color that the light produces. Then when the viewer’s eye returns to nature, it is more keyed into seeing nature’s true color variety. The value of this is that whenever one of the senses is expanded, consciousness expands, and when consciousness expands, life becomes fuller.”

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